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INTRO5PECT - "Realpolitik!" LP

£2.50 / On Sale

Vinyl release of this interesting U.S. band's second album from 2007, with two exclusive bonus tracks. A highly original blend of techno with melodic anarcho-punk/hardcore, with guest vocal appearances from Stza (Leftover Crack).
Review of original CD:
"Intro5pect is back and ready to fight! Their relentless energy, sing-along choruses, and rampant plundering of musical genres have been honed to an even sharper point since we last heard from them four years ago. Their unique combination of punk, electronic, and Super Mario-thrash back their biting socio-political commentary on this 7 song EP. Members of Leftover Crack are featured on several tracks to help “Realpolitik” serve as a soundtrack to insurrection."