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VIOLET COLD - "Desperate Dreams" LP


Superb 8 track vinyl album by Violet Cold, from Azerbaijan - a unique blend of black metal, shoegaze and 80's style electro-pop - creating an album which is raw and intense yet, at the same time beautiful and uplifting.

Review from Sputnik Music:
"I have a delicious treat for all the sorry ingrates out there who dared ruffle the feathers of the almighty Deafheaven. Solemn judgment for the damned, a magic jammer for the wicked souled hostility goblins that defied the new guard of black metal, swords of revealing light for those pure at heart. A change of heart for those willing to open their once heavily guarded hearts. A treat for the guardians of the trve who rose above from the sorry depths of hell to hate, hate, hate on the delicate emotional colonialism of the new wave of sensitive black metal. A treat that will have you trading out your smouldering, fire-breathing asshole for a lavender garden filled with butterflies and inner peace. MWHUAHHHHH!!!!!!

The treat I have for you all is a band called Violet Cold. A band so radiant and celestial, a band so purple hued that the members of Darkthrone would choke on their breath and turn into catmint if their grim ears were unfortunate enough to witness and absorb their pleiadian, space ambient blackened pop metal sound. Violet Cold was born in the majestic depths of Azerbaijan in the year 2013 through the radiant eyes, heart, hands and soul of one incredulous man named He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Desperate Dreams is the latest release by the band. It's sound can be described as sugar, spice and everything nice. Like a Golden Corrall stocked with new age books, heart chakra paintings, herbs, yoga selfies, flower gardens and colorful pastels instead of their traditional icky, Satanic affair. The album is an amalgamation of electronic pop, space ambient and black metal with knee-buckling piano instrumentals thrown in for the good measure of helping you perfectly align your chakras. You only live once so why be a buffoon with bad morals and hygiene?

The album starts as beautifully it finishes. With piano flourishes so captivating it's almost a shame that the album can't be like that forever. Nonetheless, the show must go on. "La Petite Mort" is the first proper track on the album and it immediately swarms you with unrepentant beauty. Driving keyboards that must have been inspired by the indigo children themselves provide the foundation for the record. Synths beamed down from the heavens that sound so delicate and divine. There is no darkness to be found. There is no battle with the draconians today. Today they've had a change of heart. There is only love and light. Feel your soul begin to release the toxins that lie within. The guitar patterns are simplistic and complimentary towards the dense spellbinding circle of angel synth that encloses this record. Although playing second fiddle the guitar provides some nice heartfelt melodies and tremolo picked sweetness. Percussion is subdued as well but once more it's not a bad thing. There is no pot of greed here. Only unity and divine spirit. The drumming patterns are relaxed but efficient in providing a positive surge of intensity for the record's celestial atmosphere. The vocals are harsh but expressive and provide a nice injection fairy lily-esque dynamic to the synth, guitars and rhythm section. They're not too grim but not too delicate either.

To me, Violet Cold has the potential to be the gate guardian to this new realm of emotionally expressive black metal. By going softer and being more delicate than anybody else Violet Cold is beginning to traverse away from familiar waters and starting to head into the unknown. The old ethos has clearly been relinquished, now I'm excited to see what this band can do next. Life used to be black for this genre, why continue this path when you can do so periwinkle, lilac and turquoise?"